Review of Space Applications EMC Requirements

The Contract

Having been a long-time manufacturer of oxygen concentrator equipment, when I saw an opportunity to bid on a job to provide an oxygen concentrator system (OCS) for a satellite project I jumped at the chance. The specifications were normal for this type of system and of course electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements were included. Having experience with meeting EMC requirements for many projects, a review of the requirements showed that the list was much like the standard set of EMC test and evaluation concerns my company had met previously for commercial and general aviation approval. A few of the specific requirements included more detailed information than I could recall from history where we were required to meet the standard, but I didn’t consider the specifics to be excessive.

The technology was not unique but required a bit more operation time to collect enough air in the space environment to support the separation of oxygen and of course the collected oxygen needed to be compressed to maintain a steady supply for the crew and for extravehicular activities (EVAs). The valves and sensors would …

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