Review of MIL-STD 704 Requirements


This article discusses the power quality test and evaluation with a review of MIL-STD-704 and the relationship with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). MIL-STD-704 deals with aircraft electric power characteristics, and provides the standard to ensure compatibility between the aircraft power system (including external power) and the utilization equipment.

MIL-STD-704 covers the power generation system by citing the requirements that the power system is to provide at the utilization equipment power terminals. The testing evaluates the utilization equipment for compatibility with the cited performance of the power system. EMC is not covered by the standard but compliance to the applicable aircraft EMC requirements is stated with reference to MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-464.

If the information in the reference documents conflicts with MIL-STD-704, then MIL-STD-704 takes precedence. This is also true of MIL-STD-461, so if MIL-STD-704 conflicts with MIL-STD-461, the prevailing authority would have to resolve the conflict with the outcome most likely applying the more conservative requirement for overall system compatibility.


MIL-STD-704 was issued in October 1959, as …

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