Review of MIL-STD-461 RE103 Antenna Spurious and Harmonic Outputs


Technology frequently embeds transmitters in a myriad of devices to support an Internet Of Things (IoT) concept from identification to condition-based actions, and this IoT approach includes defense operations. Devices may include multiple transmitters that a few years ago did not include communications of any sort. Inclusion of RF transmitters has prompted a significant demand for antenna emission control. This article looks at RE103, the alternative test method for transmitter antenna port emissions used when the conducted emission CE106 is inappropriate or connection for the test is restricted. Note that alternative means using either CE106 as the preferred test but allows RE103 use as necessary – for example, if the antenna installation prevents a direct connection for a CE106 test.

Normally a spurious emission appears outside of the necessary bandwidth of the intention transmission. Harmonic, parasitic, intermodulation products and…

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