Review of MIL-STD 461 RE101– Radiated Emissions, Magnetic Field and RE102 Radiated Emissions, Electric Field

RE01 (RE04) covered the frequency range of 30 Hz to 50 kHz with the magnetic loop antenna located 1-meter from the Equipment Under Test (EUT). The limit was in dBpT (dB referenced to 1 picotesla) terms indicating a flux density measurement. RE02 covered the frequency range of 14 kHz to 10 GHz for narrowband (NB) emis-sions and limited the upper frequency to 1 GHz for broad-band (BB) emissions with the antenna located 1-meter from the EUT. The limit was in dBmV/m for NB emissions and dBmV/m/MHz for BB emissions.

As noted above, RE02 called for tests to determine if the emissions were classified as narrowband (NB) or broad-band (BB). The limits would allow broadband emissions to …


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