Review of MIL-STD 461 CS114– Conducted Susceptibility, Bulk Cable Injection

This article discusses CS114, including the updates contained in MIL-STD-461 revision “G”, the current revision and the associated nuances that lead to test errors.  The fundamental idea behind CS114 testing is to simulate currents induced into cabling from electromagnetic (EM) fields from high level emissions, intentional or unintentional.  This test allows an evaluation in the laboratory where cable length and low frequency radiator systems prevent coupling from or generation of the high-level field.  When dealing with CS114, the engineer needs to keep in mind that the test goal is induce current in proportion to an associated radiated field.  At the lower end of the test frequency range, conduction via power cables from noisy power sources can be the coupling path but inductive reactance of the wiring tends to attenuate the conducted interference.

The limit curves consider cable resonance and current induction of approximately …


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