Documentation Preparation

Compliance Direction provides regulatory document preparation with the focus on Control Procedures and Test Procedures.

Control procedures serve as a design guide to document an understanding of the regulatory requirements and identify control measures to attain product compliance.  The outline of DI-EMS-80199 cited in MIL-STD-461 is followed to standardize the control procedure content and includes specific guidance on the design approach to achieve EMC, Safety or Environmental compliance.

Test Procedures serve as the detailed test and evaluation approach to demonstrate regulatory compliance.  The outline of DI-EMCS-80201 cited in MIL-STD-461 is followed to provide instructions to the test and evaluation laboratory for qualification testing.  The test procedure model is used to EMC, Safety and Environmental test and evaluation processes.

MIL-STD-464 cites document data items associated with system integration and verification.  Although these documents are often provided as part of a procurement contract, Compliance Direction can support preparation is these documents following the outlines of DI-EMCS-81540 (E3 Integration and Analysis Report), DI-EMCS-81541 (E3 Verification Procedures) and DI-EMCS-81542 (E3 Verification Report).

Contracted document preparation provides the specialized technical content of the compliance documents without the need for a full-time employee for compliance concerns.  The support can remain with the product development on an as needed basis from product concept to test and evaluation to end of product life.  The service is normally accomplished via an internet transfer of files and using on-line meeting platforms to minimize travel expenses.

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