Compliance Analysis

Compliance Direction provides design review services as part of your design team to identify regulatory requirements and guide the product development to incorporate measures to attain compliance.  The compliance review specializes in:

  • Electromagnetic Interference / Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMI/EMC)
  • Environmental
  • Product Safety
  • Facility Shielding

aspects for a large variety of product types.  

Compliance analysis support can be used as a compliance engineer team member without the need for a full-time employee.  The support can remain with the product development on an as needed basis from product concept to test and evaluation to end of product life.  The service is normally accomplished via an internet transfer of files and using on-line meeting platforms to minimize travel expenses.

Facility shielding design support is provided in the same manner with on-line file transfer and meetings. Building and compartment shielding is often a construction requirement and Compliance Direction has experience with several successful facility designs for medical, laboratory and government organizations. Requirements are analyzed and control measures are incorporated into the construction to minimize the cost impact while meeting the shielding needs. See Steve’s Blog for an example of the approach to shield an MRI facility adjacent to a proton therapy installation. Click here to review the article.

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