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Test Engineer/Technician

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MIL-STD-461 Test Engineer / Technician Webinar Training Series

Compliance Direction proudly announces that the availability of webinar-based training modules on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing per MIL-STD-461 combined with a module on MIL-STD-464 for systems integration requirements are now available on your schedule. Now you don’t need to wait for a module at dates and times that are not convenient – just contact Steve to work out a schedule that fits your timing and meets his availability.

The modules provide in-depth training on test methods specified with each module dealing with specific tests as outlined above. These course modules go into details and dealing with situations that are not considered in the standard test approach. The attendees are provided a clear understanding of the tests enhancing their ability to solve test associated problems. An individual may attend any or all available modules.  Attendees are  encouraged to attend the module on Requirements, Configuration, Instrumentation and Documentation first for detailed information common to all modules.

If you are new to MIL-STD-461 testing, refreshing skills on the current standard, looking at continuing education or just want to know the test details, these modules are for you. From preparing test procedures and completing the test to dealing with unusual situations the information provided is vital for correct execution and efficient operation in the test arena.

Each module analyzes the particular topic in a session lasting two to four hours depending on the subject and the interactive discussion with attendees. Within one week after the module presentation, each attendee that selects an exam option will attend an individual webinar session where an examination on that topic is administered. Upon passing the examination the attendee will receive a Certification of Completion identifying the subject and bearing a Compliance Direction registration of the training.

Each attendee will receive files and active Excel spreadsheets used during the presentation for subject data reduction support. The files will be sent the day prior to the webinar to allow the attendee to have the material available during the session. During the event, each attendee will be able to ask questions or discuss particular aspects associated with the topic.

Pricing for each module is $99.00. Group discounts are also available for groups of 3 or more from the same organization attending the same session.

Pricing Information

Individual Training

Module pricing: $99.00

Module examination option: $40.00 (exam option applies to completed modules only)

Group Training

Group discount pricing of $129 for two or three, $165 for four to seven and $199 for seven to ten. Contact Steve for larger group pricing.

Webinar Training Series Schedule

You pick the module and you pick the time!

Module List (each module is ~2-hours):

Requirements, Configuration, Instrumentation, Documentation
CE101, CE102
CE106, RE103
CS103, CS104, CS105
CS114, CS115, CS116
CS117, CS118
RE101, RE102
RS101, RS103
RS105, CS106, CS109

Registration and payment must be received by 5:00 PM CT the day prior to the event to support delivery of class materials and access to attend the Webex event.  The webinars use VOIP connectivity for the audio. 

Contact Steve by phone at 240-401-7177 or by email at SteveF@compliancedirection.com for more information or to get yourself or your group scheduled.