Review of MIL-STD 461 CS103 Intermodulation, CS104 Rejection of Undesired Signals and CS105 Cross-Modulation


Rapid technology advances in the wireless communications world makes test and evaluation of Radio Frequency (RF) devices a difficult subject.  It seems that by the time a new device hits the market, it has been made obsolete by the next generation.  I recall hearing from a major electronics manufacturer CEO that 90% of sales happen within 90-days of market release prompting the need for a successor.  This applies to commercial products, but similar technology leaps will follow the military equipment demands from the propensity to use commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology for DoD systems. 

Many frequency sources are present that operate in close proximity in our daily life and within military operations including ships, vehicles, and aircraft.  As the Internet of Things (IOT) expands, the military usage will expand to add more complexity to the spectrum usage and the demand for receiver operations must be included. 

The three test methods we are reviewing…

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